Friday, October 2, 2009

This Week at Foraged and Found Edibles 10/2

Matsutakes are in!!!

These fine treasures of the fall forest have begun to sprout. Matsutakes, meaning pine mushroom in Japanese, are highly sought after by culinary crusaders. We are lucky to have them growing in abundance in the Northwest, so abundant that much of the annual harvest is actually sent to Japan to feed the foodie frenzy. That is one reason the price stays so high close to home. Another is they are very hard to find hiding in mosses and duff, and often grow on the steepest of hillsides. Why are they so special? Matsutake have a distinct aroma unlike any other mushroom- sweet, cinnamon-y, warm. The traditional matsutake dishes of Japan highlight the preciousness of this mushroom. A frugal but glorious dish is a simple broth with thinly sliced matsutake brought to the table covered and unveiled to reveal the matsutake's lovely hypnotic aroma. Another is matsutake slices quickly grilled over an open flame served simply with lemon or a light soy dipping sauce. Or matsutake gohan - steamed short grain rice with matsutake and light seasonings.

This Weekend at the Farmer's Market

Porcini- possibly only available at U District Market
Lobsters- also possibly only at U District

Queen Anne and Thursday Bellevue Markets are closed for the season.
We will continue to be at University District, Ballard, and West Seattle Market through the Fall.

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