Thursday, June 18, 2009

This Week at Foraged and Found 6/18

Morels are back this week!! Finally some forest fires are producing.

And we have a new item this week- Saskatoon Berries.
For the first time Jeremy found a large field of them in Washington. They are also known by the names serviceberry and juneberry, but I definitely like the name saskatoon- so much funner to say. Saskatoons are more prolific farther north in Canada and are very popular there as well. There are even u-pick saskatoon berry farms. Saskatoons look similar to blueberries but the fruit is actually a pome, such as apples and pears. The texture reminds me of a juicy soft apple, and tastes neither too sweet or sour with hints of plum and fig. They are very high in antioxidants, higher even than blueberries, and a good source of fiber. Native use of this bush included using the wood and leaves medicinally and drying berries into cakes for later use. Also often an ingredient in pemmican-a dried meat, fat and fruit mix-that is used as emergency food. This is the original energy bar of the native North Americans, so useful that it became popular with explorers and fur traders too. I would like to try making this- how does elk saskatoon pemmican with a touch of juniper and honey sound? Check out this detailed recipe. Not feeling that adventurous?- Sauces, jams, and pies are also good ways to enjoy these special berries.

We will have at the markets this weekend:

King Boletes
Sea Beans
Miner's Lettuce
Elderflowers- see following recipe
Saskatoon Berries

Foraged and Found Edibles is a northwest wild food business selling locally to restaurants and at farmers market in the Seattle area. Throughout the summer you will find us Saturdays at the University District Market, and Sundays at Ballard and West Seattle markets.


  1. Loving the boletes! Seared them with garlic scapes from my garden and mixed into baked brown rice dish on Sunday. Seared a few with more garlic scapes yesterday and then added them to a pasta primavera w/veggies from my garden last night. Tonight? I think I'll grill the last of them.

    Btw: did make truffle salt with your black truffles last fall & it held up great. Still aromatic and fantastically tasty.

    Any chance you'll be foraging Amelanchier/Serviceberries? I noticed many of the ornamentals in Ballard are ripening (and the birds are on the defense).

    Keep bringing it on at the market! :)

  2. Robin, glad you like the kings. They can be sooo good. My favorite way to eat them is grilled. Service berries are also called saskatoons and we just harvested some last week for the first time. They were from the east side of the cascades, not sure how ripe west siders are yet.

  3. mmmmm serviceberries! I can't wait for your evergreen huckleberry harvests; you guys/gals find the bestest ones ever! Can't say I'm a fan of the Saskatoons -- a little too seedy for me, but the flavor is tasty!