Thursday, June 11, 2009

This Week at Foraged and Found 6/10

Today we have a message from Jeremy out in the field.
He has been searching hard for morels this week.....

"2000 miles later, 5 pounds of morel total....That should explain the morel year so far. After a so-so year of natural morels, the burn morels are looking scarce. Without many fires from the previous year there is a limited area to look in. And what larger fires there were, they are mostly either too steep and dry or very high elevation to produce morels. But I have faith in one place that is within a few miles of a small fire which I picked near a couple years earlier. One large snow pile to melt, one more warm week and hopefully we will see morels once again. Porcini are still strong, but remember these babies will be gone soon. The last of the spring greens are being picked high in the Cascades- miners and violets. Elderberry blossoms should be on too."We will have at the markets this week:

King boletes(porcini)
Seabeans-see following recipe
Wild salad mix- Miner's lettuce and Wood Violets
Elderberry Flowers- use for sweet infusions(teas, syrups, sorbet) or for blossom fritters

Also seen at the other farmer's stands last week:
Fresh bamboo shoots from Rockridge-
I was so disappointed to see Wade hadn't sold out of these at last weeks West Seattle market. Luckily I got the leftovers, but go out and get them- these are too special to pass up! The easiest thing to do is grill them whole, peel and dip in a tasty Asian sauce.
Snap peas-
Many farmers have these now, snap peas are the perfect summer snack.

Baby turnips-
Eat these raw like radishes, or roast whole with greens for the treat.

Basil plants-
Still huge basil plants in different varieties available from Billy's. Lime basil is my favorite, also holy basil, a pretty ruffly variety(forget the name), and classic big leaf basil. They also are selling big healthy tomato plants, strawberries(so sweet), rhubarb, basil in bunches, spicy heirloom arugula, and a few greenhouse tomatoes are coming in too.

Foraged and Found Edibles is a northwest wild food business selling locally to restaurants and at farmers market in the Seattle area. Throughout the summer you will find us Saturdays at the University District Market, and Sundays at Ballard and
West Seattle markets.

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