Friday, September 11, 2009

This Week at Foraged and Found Edibles 9/11/09

The abundance of Autumn foraging is here. I know it isn't quite fall yet but the slight chill in the air, the cooler nights, and a scattering (or a downpour) of rain has brought the mushrooms out.
So far it is a steady year for chanterelles and lobsters. Good quantities, great quality. White chanterelles are fruiting in large amounts right now. Some years their aren't too many of these white beauties but this year its definitely a flush. On the other hand, porcini that usually grow high elevation in the mountains are not fruiting much right now, unfortunately. Hopefully we will see a good coastal crop next month.

This weekend at the markets -

Gold Chanterelles
White Chanterelles
Lobster mushrooms
Huckleberries - Probably here for the last week

Come early to the markets and we may have small amounts of mushrooms like chicken of the woods, porcini, and hedgehogs.
PSMS Wild Mushroom Show is October 17th and 18th

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