Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This Week at Foraged and Found Edibles 8/27

An update from Jeremy two weeks in a row!-

"A few cold nights and alas some fall mushrooms have started. My favorite, the white chanterelle, seems to thrive in dry years and they are coming up in full force now. Lobsters are coming up under the duff in the devils club and vine maple. And even a few matsutake, enough to eat at home at least. Overall though it still too dry for a large flush of yellow chanterelles or kings. This week the huckleberries are at their best, so get enough to freeze for the winter. Hope for some moisture followed by even cooler nights and more mushrooms will come."

It is the best week to get stock up on huckleberries- ripe and sweet but still firm. As the season comes too an end in the next few weeks the berries get riper and therefore a little juicy.
We will be having a special on five pound baskets of huckleberries if you want to freeze or make jam.

At the market this weekend -

White Chanterelles
Golden Chanterelles
Chicken of the Woods

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