Friday, August 21, 2009

This Week at Foraged and Found Edibles 6/21

An update from Jeremy Faber, head forager and proprietor of Foraged and Found -

"it is august of course. up and down weather is what to expect this time of year. after a little spat of rain the little golden creatures of the underworld finally were coming up. well, at least in the wettest of places (in the mosses and salal), but alas here comes two of the hottest and windiest days of the year for the coast. heat is one thing, but wind is the real mushrooms killer. so what was coming up either got picked or dried out a bit in the weather. any way should see some cooler temps which will help, but without another significant rain it will delay any sizable crop once again. huckleberries are liking the weather though, in quantities and flavor. certainly an above average year for them. as for any other favorite fall mushrooms they are still sleeping, waiting for some cooler nights to come."

We will have at the farmer's markets this weekend -

limited quantities so come early!

Blue Mountain Huckleberries
Lobster Mushrooms

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