Friday, July 17, 2009

This Week at Foraged and Found Edibles 6/17

Wild berries are here! We will have trailing blackberries and red huckleberries this weekend. Because of the hot weather this is going to be a great wild berry year.

Trailing blackberries(Rubus ursinus) are the only native wild blackberry in the northwest. They are also known as pacific dewberry and California or pacific blackberry. These special berries are small but have an intense flavor. Wonderful right off the bush but cooking does bring out their extra ordinary blackberry-ness. Blackberry lovers evangelize that these are the best ones for pies or jam.

When the sun hits red huckleberry bushes they look as if they have little round ruby gems sprouting from the branches. These bright red translucent tart berries are a nice contrast to other fruit in a compote or in a berry parfait. Or try in something savory like a green salad with shaved fennel and parmesan.

We will also have the ol' reliable sea bean this weekend too.

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  1. Those red hucks *do* add beautiful color. A good reminder to do some rainforest hikes this time of year, not just alpine stuff.