Friday, July 10, 2009

This Week at Foraged and Found Edibles 6/10

Another light week at the market- read my post from last week about the state of wild food affairs.

We will have SEA BEANS!!-
Really no apologies for just having sea beans- they are one of my favorite summer ingredients. Less mushrooms just means more reasons to use this interesting plant. Ah, reliable sea beans...we can always depend on you.

Dried Mushroom Sale too!
Stock up for the year on dried mushrooms-you cant get dried mushrooms any cheaper than this unless you pick them yourself!
$2 off any 2 packages
$5 of any 4 packages

Psst-If you get to the University District market early we might have small amounts of morels and chanterelles.

Because of the lack of fresh products we will not be at the WEST SEATTLE MARKET this weekend and through the month of July. We hope this is doesn't inconvenience anyone. Please come see us at the University District and Ballard Markets.

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