Saturday, March 6, 2010

This Week at Foraged and Found Edibles 3/6

Nettletime in nettletown, la la la, la la la........

It is time to purge out the rich winter feasting, that indulgent casserole of fireside libation, cookie sharing, and braised meaty essences with a spring cleanse I like to call nettletime. Once you have been touched by the nettles holy health sting, every springtime becomes nettletime. I recommend beginning by slowly starting to introduce nettles into your diet, poking them in between the last of the winter habits, like pumpkin cupcakes and brisket. As your constitution allows pick up the pace with some form of nettle daily. The healers of ol' could of said "a nettle a day will keep the doctor away". Sip in tea, throw in soup, bake with eggs - anyway is a good way.
Check out my previous post here with many details of this uber seasonal superfood.

This week at the markets

Stinging Nettles
Miner's Lettuce

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