Friday, December 4, 2009

This Week at Foraged and Found Edibles 12/4

a small amount of matsutake available today!

Truffle time! Jeremy is digging the first black truffles of the year out on the Olympic peninsula today. It is time for moist truffle-y scrambled eggs and creamy cauliflower soup with shaved truffles lightly floating the top. Technically the prized local black truffle is called an Oregon black truffle but patriotic tendencies toward our home state trumps the rival state name. We call it by where the geographically correct hole in the ground is - Washington. Dug in Washington or Oregon it is still a Leucangia carthusiana- a prized underground fungi with complex musty aromas and a hint of sweet pineapple. These little earthy lumps are love/indifferent affair - you either understand the lump and it hits you right in the gut with an aromatherapy-taste bud tango or you shrug your shoulders and wonder if you didn't get the memo.

This weekend at the markets -

"Dug in Washington" Oregon Black Truffles
Come early for these at U. District Market-

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  1. made me laugh - looking fwd to truffle-laced something at my party! :)